Why Uber's rates are cut?


(Mathew Boolean) #21

Thanks for all comments some put new light in my mind and I hope this site keeps freedom of speech rather you believe in Uber or not should be your choose.

(Trish Richardson) #22

let me repeat what I asked. Precisely because they are not paying you as an employee, why would they deactivate drivers?

The company benefits from having too many drivers. How would the company benefit from deactivating drivers?

(Lance Rodriguez) #23

Because the newbies most likely have not done the math there getting the bonus plus fares and new money happy

(Melinda Foster) #24

I been with Lyft and uber for 3 years they do it every year that’s why all you new drivers don’t understand why we veteran drivers are so mad. When I first started in SF it was 2.25 a mile now it’s 1.15$ a mile for the same work. Not only is it half of what I used to make but now they saturated the market so it’s even harder to make $. I have to work 12 hours a day to make what I used to working 8 hours

(Bector Ernest) #25

^A good amount of old drivers in LA were ex-taxi, livery, or had some previous experience in for-hire transport. The new drivers are coming in from retail, fast food, and clerical. They think they’re making $20/hr at 90 cents per mile and that their only expense is gas.

(Kelly Hector) #26

When it’s cut 10 % , driver’s net gain is cut by 12-14 % as the gas and car expenses remain the same.

(Jack Dolen) #27

ow you go from $150 to half minimum wage amazes me. You must have the most maintained and depreciated car on the planet. Rates are low, Uber doesn’t care, but I am so sick of people claiming such low net profits. $7-10 per hr for most, except in the bad cities like Detroit. Anything more than that and you shouldn’t be driving. If you do, you deserve it.

(Lisa Markee) #28

So glad I started this for all drivers please read and study this great article. I think the government should require Uber to post an article such as this and be required by law to help all drivers to do the math.